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Search engine optimization (SEO) is different today when compared to what it was 6 years ago. Those days are gone when a person could build a random and thoughtless website and backlink their way to the top. Deep in a environment that is continuously altering, Google will continue to make changes by shifting and modernizing their program to only deliver results that can be the most appropriate to the website visitor.

Attaining the sought after “Page 1” of Google ranking could be a difficult course of action if a website is not really being optimized correctly. On top of that, there are over a couple hundred “signals” Google uses to find out what websites are displayed on their first page. It is essential for any firm, whether it’s your local business in Salt Lake City, Utah or maybe a national business, to be on that first page! First internet site results = FREE focused traffic coming to your website 24/7. Or you will would have to pay out money per web-site visitor (pay-per-click) by advertising on Google as opposed to naturally showing up on Page one. Amazingly, those clicks could very well be priced up to a whopping four hundred dollars per visitor or more! That’s unreasonable!

In selecting an seo company it’s essential to look for a service who knows what they’re doing. Has many years experience behind them. Is also not using old, ancient SEO techniques that can get your website banished by the search engines (like many sub-par companies do). But also has an enthusiasm to help other businesses really succeed and achieve top rankings online.

Here at The Search Kings, we provide expert level SEO services to clientele everywhere, but specifically focused on Utah companies and organizations. Our full-time skilled consultants make it their mission to keep up with the latest variations in SEO and they are driven by bona fide results for our customers.

Still uncertain if you ever need SEO services in Utah? What follows is a scenario:

Let us assume you own a plumber business and there are 6,000 Internet searches each month for plumbing companies in the community you service. Let’s also assume that your regular profit for a job is $300. When your website appears on Page 1 of Google and your internet site receives traffic from just 10% of those people, you now have 600 visitors to your site. And as a result of those 600 visitors, just 10% actually retain the services you provide (60 new clients). Being on the 1st page of Google could actually generate an additional $18,000 each and every single month in cash flow for your enterprise. So now what if those figures were 20% or 30%? That is the value of the necessity of of having your website show up on Page 1 and having a professional Search engine optimization company in your corner!

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