Success Story: Cosmetic Surgeon

It takes extra special care when working with technical businesses and doctors of any sort. Great thought is put into our optimization to make sure the client is happy with what we have to say on their website and in their Google Maps listings.  This particular client is a cosmetic surgeon so they offer a variety of services in the health and beauty industry. In the last 30 days they have received a whopping 791 impressions which does not include telephone calls, walk-in visits and emails! Since June 2012 they have received almost 4000 impressions for their high-end services.

Their Google maps impressions (30 days):

Cosmetic Surgeon Success Story


The number of hits to their website (30 days):

Cosmetic Surgeon Success Story 1


The marketing manager at this cosmetic surgeon’s office stated that they book 10 appointments per day just off of their website alone. We would say that’s a job well done! Now that’s great Google maps optimization. To learn more about how your business, regardless of industry, can benefit from a better web presence, give us a call today!