Success Story: Bowling Alley

Although we never compete with our clients and never will, this next story makes us want to go into the bowling alley business. A local bowling alley in Salt Lake City has been enjoying an enormous amount of impressions on an abundantly regular basis. In the last 30 days they have received over 10,000 impressions and a massive 970 actions. Oh, it gets even better. In the last 365 days, they have enjoyed 88,287 impressions and 9356 actions! Those actions are web based only and do not even include customers calling, emailing or just walking in.

Their Google maps impressions (30 days):


Bowling Alley Success Story

Their rankings in Google Maps:


Bowling Alley Success

Just imagine if each of those actions along netted this bowling alley $30. You do the math. We cannot stress enough the absolute importance of having an optimized web presence for your local business. To learn more about how your business, regardless of industry, can benefit from a better web presence, give us a call today!