Real Estate Internet Marketing

Online marketing for real estate agencies and agents is one of the most effective ways to have customers come to you. Each year, searches in the phone book for Realtors drops while online searches in Google, Yahoo and Bing increase. Not having your website or business found online prevents your business from having highly targeted and hot leads come right to you.

New clients need to be attracted on a continual basis and there is not a better way to have those prospective home buyers come to you than to be found online in the search engines. Real estate internet marketing includes having a website (if you do not have one already) and then optimizing that website to be found high in the search engines.

Some of those searches include:

  • Realtor
  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Homes For Sale
  • Houses For Sale
  • Condos
  • And so many more
How Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate Works

Real estate internet marketing works to target users who go to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find the very services you provide. To find what they are looking for, web surfers will type in keywords that closely match the information they are interested in like “Realtor”, “real estate for sale”, “homes for sale”, “houses for sale” and then the geographic area they are looking to buy in. This is in the hopes of finding what they are looking for.

For example, if someone is looking for real estate in Your City, he or she may type in “Homes For Sale In + Your City Name.” Then the search engine will pull up the correct and relevant results.

There is an entire science behind accomplishing this and The Search Kings indeed has it down to a science. Our #1 goal is to always make more money for our clients by providing these optimization services. That’s how we stay in business.

What You Can Expect From This Type Of Service

Our number one goal for your real estate SEO and online marketing campaign will be for your company to GET CLIENTS! These targeted leads will in essence come to your website and call you for homes or real estate agent services.

How Can More Website Traffic Turn Into More Money?

Let’s create a scenario here:

Let’s assume you have a real estate business in Salt Lake City and there are 4,400 online searches each and every month for Day Spas in the area you service. You of course determine your profit on each service you provide. How many new clients would you need to make it worth your while? 5?,10?, 20? Even if you only received 10% of those 4400 searches to your website, that would be an extra 440 website visitors hitting YOUR site looking for YOUR services! If only 10% of those website visitors (44) actually became brand new customers each and every month, well…. you do the math! Would that extra revenue be good enough to get started?

Now consider how many other ways people can find your business through their searches. Again, some examples include: Realtor, real estate agent, real estate agency, homes for sale, houses for sale, property for sale, commercial building for sale, office for sale, condo for sale etc… That’s the value of the absolute need of being seen on the internet having an experienced day spa SEO firm in your corner!

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eal estate internet marketing works to target users who go to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find the very services you provide.

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