Case Study: A Day Spa In Myrtle Beach

When we first received this client, the only traffic they had to their website was from people searching for their name in Google. So we were able to gauge how much traffic they had going into it. As we started the optimization process with Google and the other search engines, we saw their traffic starting to slowly increase. During this time they also changed their website’s domain name, which can cause problems for individuals or companies who do not understand how to properly tell the search engines it’s the same website as before. We were able to properly let Google know about the change so there would be no disruption in their Google rankings.

The number of hits to their website:



Their rankings in Google Maps:




Their rankings in Google Organic:



Fast forward to a few months later. Not only was their website dominating the first page of Google for multiple keywords and phrases that were beneficial to their day spa business, but traffic swelled tremendously. Their website receives on average over 1,000 hits per month and they are discovered by visitors from over 500 different keywords relating to their business and location per month as well!  Now that’s great local search engine optimization. To learn more about day spa marketing and how your business, regardless of industry, can benefit from a better web presence, give us a call today!


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