How To Dominate Your Service Business In More Than 1 City

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Local business online marketing is one so important for any business owner. This is why competition online is so fierce. Many other business owners in the same field are competing for the top spots in Google in the same city. Whichever companies in that city that show up on Page 1, essentially dominate their market and receive 100% free leads for your services. However, with increased competition, the need to be innovative and think outside the box become more prevalent everyday. A great way to setup additional “businesses” online is through obtaining additional websites and additional phone numbers. Let us explain.

Say you own a cleaning company in Fullerton California and you’re now on Page 1 of Google. Chances are, you’re only going to show up in the search engine results when someone types in ‘cleaning company Fullerton California”. But what if you wanted to show up for Anaheim or Yorba Linda or even Laguna Beach? This is why you need multiple websites with their own unique addresses and phone numbers. If your business can show up as an additional location in other cities, effectively you’re able to dominate not just one city, but as many as you want. But who wants to have 5, 10 or 15 mobile phone plans or landlines? You don’t. This is why you would need a company like Hosted Numbers which specializes in providing available phone numbers in your city which will all forward to 1 phone of your choosing. Brilliant right?

Upon visiting their website, you can select any phone number of your choosing (preferrably a telephone number with the proper area code and a pre-fix that is most common in the city you are targeting). Grab the phone number and immediately forward it to your current phone. The next steps are to build a website with all unique content and your new phone number, get added into the major search engines and register it online. Of course you’re going to need to reference that telephone number with all of the hundreds of citation  sites out there to give you maximum exposure. Over time and with the proper optimization, your new “business” or “location” can show up on Page 1 of Google, allowing you to tap into a whole new city. More cities = more revenue. It’s been done and proven many times over.

If you feel you need help with this, we’re your experts. The Search Kings knows the exact way to do this so you won’t get banned from Google (this can happen if you do not know what you are doing), and enjoy multiple listings for your service business. Don’t forget to check out Hosted Numbers, as they are the industry leader in providing inexpensive phone numbers to not only track your calls and leads, but serve as a major piece in your multiple location listing strategy. Call us today for help getting you started in dominating your local area. We have references to prove it.

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Check Your Exposure In Google – Make Sure 2014 Is The Best Year For Your Business

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Then end of the year is quickly approaching what do you need to do differently for the upcoming year!

First of all clear your cache and history in your Browser:

Do a search on Google for your Company Name:

  1. Does your Google Place Page appear on the first page listing both your website and place page information.

  2. Are you appearing organically on the first page.

  3. Are your Social Media Pages listed/appearing.

  4. Are there other listings that showcase your Business.

If you answered “No” to any of the questions and you see competitors on that first page they may be taking your customers.

Do a search on Google  for your “Services” and your “City Name”:

For example if you are an insurance agent search for “car insurance (your city)”

  1. Are you showing up in Google Maps

  2. Are you appearing organically on the first page

  3. Are your Social Media pages listed/appearing

  4. Are there other listings that showcase or mention your Business

Repeat for every “Service you” offer

If you answered “No” to any of the questions and you see your competitors on that first page they may be taking the customers.

The question is how am I going to be on the first page when your customers are looking for your services that you offer and increase your internet presence.


We can actually take a look and give you a complete Analysis of your listing and your website and let you know what it would take to help you obtain that first page presence on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The Search Kings can literally let you know what can be accomplished within your budget and goals.

If you are not able to find your company on the internet then how can your Customers?

Give Us A Call Today 888-828-2212

And make 2014 the year that you can obtain the new clientele!

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The Benefits Of Guest Posting

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Guest posting is a great way get great  back links from other places on the web pointing toward your website. It is the idea of approaching a blogger and asking them if you can write a post or article that they can post on their website, with a link to yours. They receive updated content and you receive a link. When it comes to guest posting it’s important to identify bloggers in your relevant niche and ask them if you can guest post. You can write a guest post on pretty much any topic as long as it matches the theme of the blogger’s website.

For example, if you have a website about video games then you will want to guest post on another gamer’s website. This post or article that you create with a link to your website will not only help optimize your site in the search engines but can also drive relevant traffic as well. Sometimes it can be tricky to get a guest post approved because the blogger may receive dozens of requests per day. If you’re looking for help with driving traffic and help improve your site’s SEO….



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Why Invest In Internet Marketing?

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How much would you invest into Internet Marketing?

If it meant making more money than you invested?

Many Business Owners fear Internet Marketing!

It is just like advertising… Put money in to get more money back! Hopefully make a profit!! (Link to that 1 page you created) We only use the white glove approach when it comes to our clients and we help them create a very beneficial plan to help them meet or exceed their business goals!

Internet Marketing can be a mixture of local SEO, Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing; basically promoting your company so that you can be in front of your customers that want or need your services.

Your customers are on the internet so why would you hesitate to do the most you can do on the internet whether it was Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing, New or Enhanced Website, Video Marketing or just targeting your traffic online. It’s essential in business to always go where the customers are. In this day in age, it’s the internet. Period. 

Your competition is actively  promoting their business online. Why not let your clients know the services you have to offer?

Do Things differently in 2013: attract business through a strong Internet presence whether it is Local SEO, or Internet Marketing or simply adding a blog to your website!

Call us now to learn about our “customer generating” internet marketing options for any business in any industry!


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Website Must-Haves

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Website Must-HavesA website is a vitally important part of your business in today’s world. In fact, it is actually your Front Door to the internet world and many of your customers.  Your website must tell a story very quickly and let your clients know what you do and lead them to do what you want them to do. This can be anything from having them click on “Buy Now” toadding in their contact info or to calling your business number.

A website is fairly complicated you need to portray the following within 10 seconds to keep your potential clients on your site and take the action you want them to take. Research conducted by doctors of cognitive behavior suggests that web visitors subconsciously evaluate your website in less than a second. If they don’t trust or cannot easily find information on your website, they will leave.

*Make sure your phone number is visible

This is for the client that just wants to call you! If this is not visible the client may go elsewhere!

*Make sure your address is clear

This is for the client who wants to visit your business location or store. The address must be clear on the website not only for the potential shoppers, but also for the search engines to know where your business is located.

*You need to portray to your client what your business is all about

You need to let people know who you are, what you have to offer them and why you are the best company that they want to deal with. Without those elements your website may not be standing out from the rest of the competition.

*Lead your client to do what you want them to do.

Do you want your client to call you? Buy products from your website? Request your services? Visit your store? Or to opt-in to your mailing list.

It seems like a lot to take in and accomplish all in 10 seconds We can help you with an analysis and give you expert direction or even a face lift on your current website. There is always room for improvement and the right strategically placed words or contact information can make all of the difference to  have your website convert quickly, thus increasing profits.

Get your FREE website analysis now!

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Local SEO For Businesses Is Crucial!

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Marketing for local businesses has become harder and harder as competition increases in local markets. The more competitive a market is, generally the more expensive it become to get your name out there. The yellow pages can be very expensive and every year the number of people using the book decreases. Flyers are good, but the response rate can be very low until a large (and expensive amount) of testing is done to increase those responses. So how is a local business supposed to effectively marketing online without breaking the bank?

Enter, local business marketing on the internet. Each year, more people turn to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find services in their area. You may have noticed when typing in “plumber” or “plumber Los Angeles” that a number of businesses show up in the results. The people who’s businesses appear at the top of those results get more targeted prospect calls than people who do not show up in those listings. Simply because they have been able to make their website “relevant” for the specific keywords that the user typed in. Thus, the search engines put them on Page 1 and they get all of the FREE leads; day after day while their competitors lose out.


Do a search for your business type + your geographic location (EX: flood cleanup dallas). Does your website show up on Page 1? Do you even have a website yet? Chances are there are hundreds of people searching online each month for your services, specific to the area you service and they cannot find your site! Without leads or calls,  your business is on it’s deathbed.

We can help change that. Here at The Search Kings we have many many local business clients who utilize our services to get their website more traffic and more targeted leads. The process of optimizing a website (SEO) to get it seen as being relevant to the search engines is what we’re all about. If you think your business could use more customers, more calls and more leads, give us a call today or fill out our form for a FREE website analysis. Don’t let  your competitors continue to take your business from you. Get started now!


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In Business For 5 Years and No Website?

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We were watching the news today when the channel was promoting a city in Utah and the exciting things to do there.  The media was at a local restaurant when the newscaster asked the owner if they had a website. The owner replied “not yet”.  Not yet? They have been open for 5 years what are they waiting for?

It seems as we all research things to do, places to go, new adventures to seek out via the internet, but if you don’t have internet presence you are losing money and customers.  People seem to think “because of the economy our business is not doing as well as it should”.  They say “ Things will pick up when the economy turns around” but why not get those clients who are already looking for your type of business on the internet?

The Search Kings makes it easy with our free website builder where you only are paying for hosting.  You can have us do SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing to help get your business and website even more traffic!  Do you realize that in todays world it is important to have internet presence and The Search Kings can make it affordable for you not only to have the internet presence but also market to your potential new clients.

Take a look at our services have us build you a professional website or just give us a call and let us customize an internet marketing plan that fits into your budget as well as your company’s goals.



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Groupon’s Stock – Why It Has Predictably Declined

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Most everybody has heard of the company Groupon. It offers major deals on restaurants, products and services in you local area and beyond. Who doesn’t want an awesome deal on house cleaning, Italian food, teeth whitening or even used tires? Up to 80% off! Here is the problem.

Business owners make very little money from Groupon’s compensation system. Essentially they brow-beat a business owner into dropping prices for services at 50% less or more. Then they take HALF of the money from the already discounted price. One business owner in Salt Lake City calculated the numbers and realized he would lose $3 per transaction. How can this benefit the business owner if they are losing money everytime?

When the company went IPO it didn’t go so well for Groupon. So far it is valued at less than half of the IPO price. Google offered billions for the 2 year old start-up of which the owner Andrew Mason promptly turned down. Bad move. Combined with the lack of profit for the business owners and logistical issues with redemption of the certificates in certain industries, the business owner side of the Groupon plan is mostly negative.

The author of this article has done extensive research into a particular niche (cleaning services) on multiple forums and after reading the experiences of every business owner from all of the U.S.; not a single owner had a completely positive experience. Mainly because there was little to no profit after Groupon took their fees. How can a public company have a business model which only serves the consumer? It won’t last long because it seems many vendors have already been dissatisfied from the beginning with Groupon and have spread the word to their colleagues.

In Groupon’s defense, a Groupon offer DOES help get the word out about a local business. It could bring in hundreds of new customers or clients depending on how many offers the business owner decides to put out. This can lead to people wanting to use their services again. However, since these owners are in business to make money, that key element to Groupon’s business strategy falls way short.

For local businesses wanting to market their products or services, a more traditional approach is in order. Internet marketing can be very lucrative if one knows how to do it. Between paid online advertising and Search Engine Optimization, a local business can easily acquire customers at a normal profit scale.

To learn more about internet marketing and how it can benefit your local business, contact The Search Kings at 1-888-828-2212 or visit their internet marketing services site.

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